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    Jun 13, 2018
    Old Library 217
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    Jun 19, 2018
    Mac Hall 3198
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Old Library 217
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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Jul 11, 2018
    Marquam Room, 1st floor Mackenzie Hall.
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  • Leadership Job Descriptions
    Updated On: Feb 23, 2018




    When you should contact the . . .


    Presides and facilitates at all meetings of the Local Union and of the Executive Board. Appoint all standing committees, and all special committees of Local 328, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Ability to effectively represent the Union in a variety of meetings with OHSU Administration, OHSU Board of Directors, Council 75 activities and other Labor and Community organization.

    general union questions and information, i.e., constitutional information, union meetings & activities.


    Assists the President in the work of the President’s office. In the absence of the President, preside at all meetings and perform all duties otherwise performed by the President. Has a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure, group facilitation and problem-solving techniques.

    information on Council 75 activities, general union questions and information, i.e., constitutional information, union meetings & activities.


    Keeps record of the proceedings of all membership meetings and of all Executive Board meetings. Ability to craft correspondence at the request of the President, presenting the views and interests of the Union.

    information regarding meeting minutes and official correspondence.


    Receive, record, and account for all monies of Local 328. Prepare and submit the monthly membership report to the AFSCME International Union office. Provide a written report to the Executive Board of all income, expenditures and current balances. This report will be read at membership meetings with copies to be made available to any member upon request.

    questions or information regarding the local’s financial accounts and reports.


    Responsible for seeing that stewards are properly and adequately trained utilizing the resources of AFSCME Local 328, Council 75 and AFSCME International. Represent the Union in various meetings with OHSU Labor Relations and is responsible for all activities relating to the enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement; facilitation of the election of stewards and the appointment process to fill vacancies; planning the agenda for monthly steward meetings; planning annual and monthly steward training; provide support and mentoring for lead stewards.

    questions or information regarding stewards, steward activities and all activities related to the enforcement of the contract.


    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #1 -   Community Liaison

    Recruit and support volunteers to serve as liaisons with other labor and community organizations such as NOLC, Jobs with Justice, and Oregon Health Action Campaign. Coordinates referrals to Labor’s Community Services. Chairs the Good and Welfare Committee. Plans at least one community service activity and one OHSU fund-raising/marketing activity each year

    questions or information regarding the Local’s involvement in community projects and assistance for union members in need.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #2 -             Data Maintenance

    Chair the Local 328 Technology/Information Committees.  Maintain Local 328 membership and grievance data bases and the local’s e-mail, voice-mail, Internet and website communications systems.

    updating address information and website e-mail communications.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #3 -              Education & Training

    Implement Local 328's strategic planning goals as they relate to the education/training/career development of our bargaining unit members and the leadership development of union activists and leaders. Serve as a member of the AFSCME/OHSU Career Development Committee. Responsible for recruitment and support of AFSCME’s representatives on the joint Career Development Committee and related subcommittees. Provide articles for the News & Views upon request. Acts as a resource of training providers for other Union committees and activities

    for information on Career Development Grants, the Career Center and Union-sponsored training.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #4 -            Internal Organizer

    Chair the Local 328 Membership Recruitment and Involvement Committee. Coordinates Local 328's One-on-One Internal Organizing Activities. Responsible for recruiting, training and supporting individuals to make presentation during New Employee Orientation. Coordinates special event activities.

    questions or information on how to become involved in union membership, membership activities and New Employee Orientation.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #5 -     Navigator

    To lead the NAVIGATORS to increase the 1 to 1 communication between the leadership and 328 members, to receive and disseminate bargaining updates to coworkers, to fill out surveys based on coworker input, to assist with workplace actions, and to help find other Navigators in their work areas.

    any basic question about the union

    Political Action 

    Chair of Local 328 Political Action Committee. Serve as Local 328's representative in Council 75 Political activities. Recruit and support ad hoc Political Action Committee activities and candidate support activities. Coordinate with AFSCME Political staff regarding issues of interest to Local 328, Council 75 and the International Union.

    questions regarding political funds, candidate or ballot measure information, and PAC committee participation.

    EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION #7 - Publications 

    Facilitates the writing, editing, production and distribution of the News & Views, Local 328's newsletter. Serves as chairperson of the Union’s Internal Communications Committee. Recruit and support volunteers to maintain AFSCME bulletin boards.

    questions or information regarding Local 328's internal communications; i.e., News & Views, our website or how to receive copies of publications.


    POSITIONS - 8-15


    Represent all members at large on the board. Positions may be further defined as the board engages in further strategic planning.

    for information and questions regarding current & future Strategic Plans and events, and how to volunteer as a board member.



    When you should contact the . . .


    The trustees will make or cause to be made at least semiannually an audit of the finances of AFSCME local 328 and will report to the membership on the results of such audits.

    questions or information regarding the financial management of the local.


    The Bargaining Team is responsible for bargaining the collective bargaining agreement between AFSCME Local 328 and OHSU and any interim bargaining, if required, during the two-year term of office. Participates in the devolvement of and implementation of badging survey activities and the contract settlement plan.

    questions or information regarding the bargaining and contract ratification process.


    Support and mentor stewards by following up with stewards to assure they attend steward meetings, union meetings and scheduled training and turn in closed grievances and reports to the leased steward in a timely manner. Investigate, prepare and file grievances at the 3rd Step of the grievance procedure.

    questions and information about contract interpretation and locating a steward.


    Investigate, prepare and present all 1st and 2nd Step Grievances.

    questions and information regarding contract interpretation and grievances.


    To increase the 1 to 1 communication between the Bargaining team and 328 members, receive and disseminate bargaining updates to coworkers, fill out surveys based on coworker input, assist with workplace actions, and help find other Navigators in your work area

    any union related question and information you want to share with Local 328 leadership


    Notifies and/or distributes information to co-workers in their work units and refers questions or issues to the Local 328 Leadership.

    questions or information about publications and notices.


    Provide a broad array of technical and administrative services to the bargaining unit, local union officers and union members in the process of carrying out the representation duties of the union.

    for questions regarding highly complex or confidential information.

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