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      Shemia Fagan for Senate District 24 It is not often that a long-term incumbent state senator faces a strong opponent in a party primary much less two candidates. When it does happen, it is usually for a very good reason. Such is the case this year in the Democratic primary for Oregon State Senate District 24, which is currently held by Rod Monroe. Sen. Read More...

      Statement from Theresia Lloyd-Siemer:

      Hello Members of AFSCME Local 328

      I'm requesting that you select me as a representative to this year’s AFSCME Intl Convention,

      I have been very active with our Local 328, Council 75 & (Council 28 members as well),

      Have also helped put together the last 3 Oregon AFSCME Women’s Committee Conferences

      My experience is as follows,

      Executive Board member for 19.5 years:

      Current :Chair Education & Training

      Chair of the Community Liaison & Good Welfare Committee

      Trustee-Local 328

      Member At-Large

      Diversity Chair

      Council 75 Activities:

      Current Chair of Oregon AFSCME Women's Committee

      Founding Member of the Women’s Committee

      Council 75 Trustee

      Other Local 328 Activities:

      Organizing Labor Day picnic

      Passed Unions for Kids Doernbecher Fundraiser Committee Member

      Coordinating Local 328’s  Oregon Food Bank Volunteer Activities

      Lobbied State Officials in Salem for our PERS

      Investigatory Steward for 19.5 years

      Attended 2 International AFSCME Conventions in 19.5 yrs.

      Attended 4 Council 75 Conventions in 19.5 yrs.

      Attended 3 Oregon State AFL-CIO Conventions in 19.5 yrs.

      VMO  for the Local 328 and Council 75

      A little about myself, I work as a Health Unit Coordinator in the DCH-NICU on nights and have been at OHSU for 19.5 years (here in the NICU). I have 2 grown Children, 3 grandchildren and 4 cats

      Some of my Hobbies:



      Rock polishing

      Fishing /Clamming

      Spending time with family


      Theresia Lloyd-Siemer

      Statement from Roxana Logsdon:


       My name is Roxana Logsdon, I am currently an Executive Board Member, At-Large Position #4, this is a great place to be to further my involvement and learning of our Union.

       I work at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital as a PAS scheduler for the Pediatric Specialties Clinic, I started here at OHSU almost 10 years ago working in Food and Nutrition, then in the inpatient units of 5C and 8N as a Health Unit Coordinator before moving on to the Pediatric Specialties PAS position.

        I have only recently joined our Union’s Executive Board.  I started here at OHSU like I believe many do, it’s a Union position, oh ok, what will the Union do for me? Let me just wait and see. 

       But I have learned to keep our Union strong, we need to be involved and ask what can I do for my Union? Part of that learning process for me, is joining the Executive Board, becoming more involved with our Union’s Women’s Committee happenings and hopefully going to the International Convention, to learn about Delegate’s and the proceedings there, and with your help I can, this will be a great next step in my learning process.

       PLEASE VOTE FOR ME, Roxana Logsdon Executive Board Member, At-Large position #4

        A quick update! I just finished Unit Steward Training!

      Thank you,

      Roxana Logsdon

      Executive Board Member, At-Large #4

      Unit Steward

      Statement from Tricia Crabb:

      I am an experienced technology user and systems analyst and I have worked at OHSU for 17 years working in support positions across the OHSU mission areas. I know that every time I have run into a problem I could not solve, I have been able to reach out to my union for education, resources, support and sometimes just a sympathetic and encouraging ear. Today I represent my union by holding a seat on the Executive Board as the Internal Communications Chair. I believe that the AFSCME represented staff members provide services vital to OHSU’s overall success and I believe that all the represented members deserve to have a strong voice in how OHSU operates and works towards goals.  I want to represent AFSCME Local 328 at the international convention because I believe Oregon and Local 328 also deserve to have a voice in how our union structures its goals and where it leads us in supporting workers’ rights. I have benefited as a represented employee from tuition assistance, Bridge Builders, labor/management committees and other opportunities to grow my skills, meet, and work with amazing and dedicated people.  I would like to take that experience to the next level by participating in my union’s international convention because I believe that strong effective unions are the very best way to lift all workers and ultimately help the US succeed as a country.

      Statement from Richelle Jones:

      Hello fellow AFSCME members.  My name is Richelle Jones and I would be honored to be chosen as one of local 328’s International Convention Delegates.  I have been a AFSCME member since I started working for OHSU in December 1992, 24 years ago.   I have become more involved in the union over the past few years and currently work as a Unit Steward for the IP Rehab department.  I would like to increase my knowledge of unions and all that is involved to improve our work environment.   I believe that we, AFSCME represented OHSU employees, deserve to work in an environment that values us, provides great benefits, are respected by our employers, and treated fairly. We deserve this and should expect no less.   A positive work environment would facilitate a partnership between management and union members to promote OHSU as a employer sought after and to be honored to work for. 

      Statement from Christine Murray:

      I am excited to be nominated as a possible representative for OHSU at the AFSCME international convention. I started at OHSU 19 years ago at the switchboard. Today it is tough for workers to find a stable career, but I have created such a career at OHSU due to the support and protection of my union. I have risen professionally based on my abilities because I am a member of a robust union.

      I value the voice our union gives us. I have participated on a labor-management committee, bringing workers' concerns about unfair treatment to management. Because of the AFSME Career Center and new scholarship program, I have been able to grow my skills and gain knowledge making me more flexible and secure in my job. I also enjoy volunteering at the annual Labor Day picnic. Two years ago I attended the AFSCME Women's Retreat because I was gravely concerned about recent challenges our nation is facing.

      I am invested in our union and ready to work hard for its members. We need to work together to keep our union strong and vital so that everyone has a fair chance to rise according to their abilities. The AFSCME International Convention is critical to protecting our voice on a state and national level. Coordinating with other members worldwide will make us stronger and better able to address the challenges we face in our current political climate, and I would love to be a part of that.

      Statement from Jamie Roberts:

      My name is Jamie, I’m a medical assistant at the Internal Medicine clinic in the Physician’s Pavilion. I’ve only been on the board for about 6 months but I really enjoy being a part of the union and learning everything I have in such a short period. I was recruited by vice president Michael Stewart, and he has really paved the way for peaking my interest in wanting to help others. He has shared with me a lot of stories about the many things the union has done for people and I’m amazed at what we can do when we all stand together. I want to be chosen to go to Boston because I want a better understanding of how the union functions so I can bring it back to be more active in our local. I’m currently in the ‘at large’ position but I eventually want to progress to something more active to be more helpful. I would also love to be able to learn more about what other people are doing in their locals around the country that can be applied here to assist our community. I would really like the opportunity to learn how to become a better activist.

      The following candidates did not submit statements within the submission time frame:

      Layonise (Layla) Austin

      Sarah Cinnamon

      Vivian Lalangan

      Nicole Meck

      Renee Rice

      .
      Download: Metro. 2018.pdf
      Read and comment on our blog - Article 7 is the second in our series on the top ten articles in our union contract.
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