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    • What's New at AFSCME 328

      After clarification with OHSU Human Resources, Local 328 regrettably needs to offer a correction to the July 13 President’s Message ratification email.

      HR had requested express notification on Monday, July 13, of the contract-ratification vote results; we incorrectly assumed this to mean that HR would work with Payroll to process this year’s 3% across-the-board raise for payment on the July 17 paycheck. That is not the case.

      The new 2015-2019 contract states that the first across-the-board raise of 3% goes into effect on the first full pay period after ratification. You will begin earning the higher rate starting July 13 and the raise will start appearing in your paycheck on July 31.

      We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

      The ratification vote for the AFSCME/OHSU 2015-2019 contract closed July 13 at 8:00 a.m. The membership has voted to approve the contract, with 86.46% of votes cast in favor of ratification.

      While the contract still needs to be signed, all of the language is now in effect. Our represented employees will see the 2015 across-the-board wage increase on their July 17 check. (The raise will appear on the July 31 check--see above correction/clarification.)

      The local leadership would like to give a hearty thanks to our bargaining team, whose members undertook a mammoth two-day stretch of mediation that totaled more than 28 hours, to say nothing of the training sessions and weekly negotiation sessions that began in March.

      We would also like to thank our lost-time bargaining coordinators Bernie Delaney and Jadranka Odobasic.

      Finally, we would like recognize our membership. Thank you to everyone who wore green on Thursdays, took to the blog and expressed how they felt about proposals, used personal time to observe a bargaining session, signed a petition, volunteered to be a bargaining contact, wore stickers and much more.

      While our bargaining team was made up of 13 member leaders and three staff representatives, we were able to get a sound deal because we had almost 6,000 employees behind us. We are stronger together, and we can’t think of a better demonstration of that solidarity than getting a good contract.

      The ratification vote — open to dues-paying members only — will take place from 8:00 a.m. on Monday, July 6, through 8:00 a.m. on Monday, July 13. There will be a voting/elections link at once the vote is live. If you have trouble voting, please contact Local 328 staff representative Frank Vehafric at Read More...

      Attached is the union's comprehensive review of our tentative agreement for 2015-2019. The PDF includes every article/section, letter of agreement and memorandum of understanding that contains a change or is new language. If an article/section is not included in the PDF, it has not changed. Here is the key to reading the document: Old language is struck out. New language is bolded and underlined. Comments on and our evaluation of the changes are in bolded red italics. You may comment on this document at our blog.

      Download: Final Review Contract.pdf

      Local 328 is again participating in this great community event and is a bronze sponsor this year. Come join us and walk with fellow union members in Gladstone on Sat., August 1 — see the attached flyer for details. For more information about the walk, check out the event's website or contact Theresia Lloyd-Siemer at

      Download: 2015_shocwalk_brochure.pdf
      Oregon AFSCME and Local 328 are again participating in this great community event. Come join us and march in the parade on Sat., June 27--see the flyer below for details. More information about the festival, which runs June 26-28, can be found here.
      Download: GITN Festival Parade 2015.pdf
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