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360-Degree Performance Evaluations
Some departments at OHSU have instituted “360-degree” reviews. This a process in which an employee’s performance evaluation is based, at least in part, on feedback gathered not only from his/her supervisor, but also from peers. Employees tend to like using the 360 process when their supervisor is the one being reviewed because it gives staff an opportunity to anonymously state their honest opinions on their boss’s performance. But when employees are grading each other, it hits closer to home and there is often less support for the idea. Read More...
Bargaining Update 2/27

The AFSCME Local 328 bargaining team is preparing to begin negotiations on Thursday, March 5. In order to streamline the process, management and the union have already met several times  to negotiate changes that both sides consider “housekeeping.”  Some of the changes do not have a substantive impact on the contract, such as updates to reflect changes in state or Federal law, removal of redundant language, clarification of unclear language or removal of outdated references. Other changes might incorporate what has become a practice during the life of the current contract or address areas that are not a point of contention between the parties.

While these changes are rarely earth-shattering, we have reached agreement on a few topics that we believe are positive steps. Among these changes are:

  • Section 2.2.3 -- Union stewards, with proper notification to their supervisor, can attend investigatory meetings without a loss of pay.
  • Section 2.9.1 -- When Local 328 wishes to send a message to the entire membership via an external email address, we will provide management with a copy 48 hours in advance. The union agrees to consider any management feedback, but management does not have the right to censor the message, provided the message complies with current contractual terms (it is not demeaning, derogatory or inflammatory in nature). (current practice)
  • Section 5.19 -- Clarifies that though employees on the preferential hire list are consider terminated, they retain contractual rights as outlined in other section of the contract.
  • Section 7.2.6 -- Defines reporting time as "the time designated or recognized as the start of the daily work shift or schedule."
  • Section 7.10 -- Allows employees to trade regularly any scheduled shifts within the same pay period, rather than just weekend shifts.
  • Section 7.12.3 -- During bad weather, even if inclement weather is not declared, a late report will not count as an attendance occurrence if the employee has made a reasonable effort to report on time but arrives late due to the severe weather conditions. 
  • Section 8.2.1 –- Incorporates the quartile pay-range system that went into effect in 2014. 
  • Section 11.2 -- Relief workers are now entitled to holiday pay under the same terms as regular employees.
  • Section 13.6 –- Employees on the preferential hire list, due to layoff or an unsuccessful job-change evaluation, shall retain their sick-leave accruals for as long as they are on the PHL. Sick leave will not be restored to retirees who return to OHSU employment or those who were terminated for cause.
  • Section 17.2 -– For purposes of seniority, employees who are on the PHL due to layoff or an unsuccessful job-change evaluation shall not be considered to have had a break in service for as long as they remain on the PHL, though time on the PHL will not count toward the employee’s seniority.
  • Section 17.3 -– Employees may receive a maximum of 96 seniority points per calendar year.
  • Section 18.2.1 –- When filling a vacancy, management must determine if there are any qualified employees on the PHL, returning after being on workers' compensation, on notice of an impending layoff or eligible as an accommodation of their disability.
  • Section 18.3 –- When management must make a non-temporary transfer of an employee to a separate location without a vacancy being created, the least-senior employee will be transferred unless there is a volunteer. The transferred employee shall be given 14 days’ advance notice of the transfer.
  • Section 22.1.5 -- The union now has 21 days (increased from 14 days) to file a grievance at step 2.  This makes the 21-day filing period consistent at steps 1 and 2.

With these less-significant pieces out of the way, we can use our bargaining time to concentrate on the more difficult issues. As always, your support is what will make the difference as we try to negotiate new language that will benefit you as an employee of OHSU. Remember to visit for regular bargaining updates and to find out how you can help us get the contract you need.

Hiring Freeze
While there has been no official announcement, several OHSU employees report that a hiring freeze has started in Central Services, which covers areas such as ITG, Facilities and Logistics and Central Financial Services In addition, Local 328 has been notified that a hiring “frost” will go into effect in departments reporting to the Provost and the Chief Financial Officer, where vacancies will be more closely reviewed before a decision is made on whether to fill them. Read More...
March CWE Center Classes

The CWE Center has released its March class schedule, offering a variety of professional development courses to help you enhance your skills or develop new ones. Download the schedule below for more information.

Download: CWE-Center-March-2015-class-schedule.pdf
Primate Center Workers
Oregon AFSCME Political Director Joe Baessler reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee has unanimously passed SB 386, the measure that permanently exempts the name and address of OHSU’s Oregon National Primate Research Center employees from being released under Oregon’s public-records law. Local 328 represents 116 employees at the West Campus facility. Read More...
Get to Know Your Bargaining Team -- Smith & Fosnight
Bargaining for our new contract begins on March 3. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to the hard-working, dedicated members of Local 328 who will serve as our voice at the bargaining table. Read More...
Nominations Open for Convention Delegate
Nominations open at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 11, and will remain open until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 25. Please take this opportunity to get involved in our local by nominating yourself or an activist near you to attend our Oregon AFSCME's statewide convention. We are facing challenges as a union movement and the decisions we make now will be pivotal in the next few years. Read More...
“Retirement Savings for All Oregonians” Forum
Oregon AFSCME Local 350 Announces an upcoming joint effort with Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler and the Oregon AARP to host a “Retirement Savings for All Oregonians” forum. Read More...
Union and OHSU Bargaining Teams Meet!
Union and OHSU Management Bargaining Teams Meet The union and OHSU met for the first time today in the 2015 contract-bargaining process. The purpose of today’s meeting was to train both teams in the interest-based problem-solving process that is used in interest-based bargaining. The first full contract bargaining session is scheduled for March 5. The bargaining teams will meet every Thursday thereafter until we reach agreement. Read More...
Does Merit- or Performance-Based Pay Work at OHSU?
Does Merit- or Performance-Based Pay Work at OHSU? Many comments in our recent bargaining-priorities survey suggested that we should negotiate contract language permitting managers to give merit bonuses/increases to employees for exemplary work. The following language has been in our contract since 1998. Unfortunately, it is rarely used.  8. Read More...
Download: Current Guidelines Provided to Managers by OHSU Human Resources for Merit Based Pay.docx , Merit Based Pay Guidlines 2010.docx
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