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    Jun 13, 2018
    Old Library 217
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    Jun 19, 2018
    Mac Hall 3198
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Old Library 217
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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Jul 11, 2018
    Marquam Room, 1st floor Mackenzie Hall.
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  • Officers & Staff
    AFSCME Staff

    Kate Baker

    Kate has been an Oregon AFSCME staff representative since 2008. Prior to joining the union staff, she was a longtime member leader with AFSCME Local 1995 (Multnomah ESD). At OHSU, Kate supports employees in the School of Medicine, EVS, Facilities and Public Safety. She is active with the local's PEOPLE in Action Committee and the steward system, as well as several union-OHSU joint committees. Kate enjoys hiking, spending time with her two dogs and a great happy hour.

    (503) 239-9858
    AFSCME Staff

    Andy Chavira
    Andy Chavira has been an Oregon AFSCME staff representative since 2013. Prior to that, he spent several years with AFSCME International as a field representative in the union's organizing department, covering an assignment area that spanned 20 states. A native of the Tucson area, Any is a University of Arizona graduate. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Oregon AFSCME political coordinator Eva Rippeteau, and their young son.

    AFSCME Staff

    Frank Vehafric

    A native Pennsylvanian, Frank came to Oregon AFSCME in 1992. His father was a union steelworker, and Frank was chief steward of his corrections local in Pennsylvania before moving west. He worked as a labor consultant for a Portland law firm prior to coming to AFSCME. Frank is the Local 328 eZone and database administrator and a member of the local's internal-communications committee. At OHSU, he represents members in the academic units, hospitals and clinics. He enjoys backpacking, writing and fly-fishing when not at work.

    (503) 720-3380
    AFSCME Staff

    Dennis Ziemer

    Dennis has been an Oregon AFSCME staff representative since 2015. Prior to coming to AFSCME, he worked with the American Federation of Teachers for more than 23 years — first as a state rep in New Mexico,  then as a national rep for 20 years, mostly working in public employee (non-teacher) locals. At OHSU, Dennis works with members in Pharmacy, Food and Nutrition, Diagnostic Imaging and Logistics. Away from work, he enjoys visiting national parks, playing guitar and being home with his wife, two dogs and cat.


    Matt Hilton

    Matt works in ITG as a call-center representative.

    Matt initially became active in our union when one of his coworkers encouraged him to become a steward because his department didn’t have one; that led to joining the political-action committee and then the executive board. Matt has held various positions within AFSCME including being on the Council 75 executive board and political-action committee and serving on an advisory committee to the International union.

    Matt enjoys creating amateur-level avant-garde music with whatever instruments are available and playing early-generation PlayStation RPGS. Matt lives in SW Portland with his wife Jamie.

    (503) 494-8311
    Vice President

    Michael Stewart

    Michael works as medical assistant in Internal Medicine.

    Michael was drawn to activism in our union during an election season and determined that he needed to be an activist more often than once every four years. He continues to fight because there will always be a need for an advocate for those being treated unfairly.

    Michael also serves as the special-sector vice president for Council 75 and is our union’s former PAC chair.


    Marci Jo Carlton

    Marci Jo works as a medical-student coordinator in the Department of Surgery.

    Many years ago, the chief steward at the time thought that she would make a great steward. After attending her steward training class, Marci Jo began to get more involved in different aspects of our union. She also serves on the executive board and policy committee of AFSCME Council 75.

    Outside work, Marci Jo is very involved serving on various executive board and advisory committees in the community. She enjoys working on and learning parliamentary procedure. Marci Jo has a dog and a cat, who help keep her life balanced between spending time with family, friends and church.

    Marci Jo also serves our union as an admin lead steward and a member of the policy committee.


    Jennifer Barker

    Jennifer works as a financial analyst at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (formerly CROET).

    Jennifer started out editing our union’s hard-copy newsletters that were sent out about a decade ago. She gradually got more and more interested and involved in union activities and in advocating for our members. In addition to various executive-board positions, she has also served on two bargaining teams.

    Jennifer’s hobbies/interests include nail art, ferrets, feminism, cooking vegan food, crosswords and Scrabble, card-making, atheism, movies and watching hockey.

    Jennifer also serves our union as the editor for the internal communications committee and a member of the policy committee.

    Chief Steward

    Debbie Brock Talarsky

    Debbie works as a PAS specialist in Patient Access Services.

    Debbie had the misfortune of working for a non-union hospital, so she very much appreciates what our union does for us. She got involved because she wanted to do her part to make sure that the quality of our work life and union protections and privileges continue.

    Debbie is a native Oregonian who loves to kayak, hike and camp.

    Community Liaison - At-Large Position 1

    If you're interested in running for this board position, email Matt Hilton at

    Data & Membership - At-Large Position 2

    Haley Wolford

    Haley works as a vet research/health technician 3 at the West Campus.

    She was approached by a former staff representative about becoming a steward, which led to being involved with the Local 328 executive board as well. Haley wants to make sure that the West Campus has a voice.

    Haley loves gardening and spending time with her dogs, cat, chickens. Go Blazers!

    Haley also serves our union as a lead steward.

    Education & Training - At-Large Position 3

    Theresia Lloyd-Siemer

    Theresia works as a HUC on nights in the DNCC.

    Unions have been part of Theresia’s family for generations. Her mother was a member of AFSCME Council 28 and served on her local’s executive board and women’s committee.

    Theresia has been active with our union since she started at OHSU and has been on the executive board since 1999. After her new-employee orientation, her mother asked her to do three things: (1) sign a union card, (2) get on the union’s executive board and (3) get on the women’s committee. Theresia is pleased that she did all three things, with the third taking some work. (Theresia is a founding member of the Council 75 women’s committee)

    Theresia enjoys sewing, canning, collecting and polishing rocks, photography and making earrings.

    Theresia also serves our union at the state level, as chair of the Council 75 women’s committee and as a trustee for the Council 75 executive board.

    At-Large Position 4

    Roxana Logsdon

    At-Large Position 5

    Vivian Lalangan

    Vivian works as a PAS specialist in ED Admitting.

    Vivian wanted to get more active in our union and decided to focus on engaging Local 328 members.

    Vivian has a passion for cooking. On her days off, she likes to spend time with her girls — they enjoy hanging out, shopping (especially Barnes & Noble). Vivian visits family in California on a regular basis and has two lovely dogs, Meyah (shih tzu) and Riley (dachshund/chihuahua).

    Political Action - At-Large Position 6

    Tara Karnes

    Tara works as a custodian at OHSU.

    Tara became active with our union due to a desire to help her coworkers.

    Outside of work, Tara loves to cook.

    Publications/Internal Communications - At-Large Position 7

    Trisha Crabb

    Trisha started at OHSU in the Telecom Call Center 16 years ago. She currently works for the School of Dentistry as a systems analyst.

    Trisha dabbled in the union over the years and appreciated that she had one, but the AFSCME Strong program really challenged her to change the way the she thought about "The Union" -- now it is "Her Union." In addition to her work as the chair of the Internal Communications Committee, she has recently started to participate in activities with the Oregon AFSCME's Women's Committee.

    Trisha enjoys hiking, camping, and all things dog.

    At-Large Position 8

    Elisa Davidson

    Elisa has worked at OHSU for 29 years in the lab. She currently works in the Physicians Pavilion but has also worked at CHH and in various inpatient units.

    Elisa’s involvement with our union began when Local 328 was preparing for a strike many years ago. She found that a huge number of employees were clueless about what was going on, so she stepped up to spread the word and also joined a union focus group after the strike ended. She is a former long-time steward.

    Elisa volunteers at her church’s food bank once a month and helps coordinate the warm clothes/coats donation drives. She’s a self-described “crazy cat lady” with five cats at home, all of whom were adopted from shelters

    At-Large Position 9

    Nate Leviner

    At-Large Position 10

    Cynthia Peckover

    At-Large Position 11

    Sarah Cinnamon

    Sarah is a trainer at the School of Dentistry.

    Sarah got involved with our union when the chief steward at the time sent an email to the membership to recruit stewards — he talked about empowering yourself and others in the workplace and the message really struck a chord. Being a steward for years led to attending leadership workshops/conventions, and becoming a board member. These experiences ultimately allowed her to see how much she loves helping others and to be successful in her current job at OHSU.

    Sarah loves to read and is generally a quiet person. She feels she’s never been able to speak publically or give presentations well, but getting involved in union activities has helped her build confidence and feel good about speaking her mind, especially in front of groups of people.

    Sarah also serves our union as a lead steward.

    At-Large Position 12

    Jamie Roberts

    Building - At-Large Position 13

    Mike Bandy

    At-Large Position 14

    Samira Karajcic

    At-Large Position 15

    Nicole Meck



    Local 328 has a number of at-large positions open. If you're interested in serving on our executive board, email Matt Hilton at

    Trustee #1

    If you're interested in running for this board position, email Matt Hilton at

    Trustee #2

    If you're interested in running for this board position, email Matt Hilton at

    Trustee #3
    If you're interested in running for this board position, email Matt Hilton at

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