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Clearer Process for Reclassification Requests
Posted On: Dec 03, 2012
During interest-based bargaining for our 2012-2015 contract, both parties developed new language for Article 21 -- Reorganization and Classification. The major changes are to the classification and reclassification process. Our previous contract had vague procedures for making reclassification requests and filing reclassification-related grievances, with no defined timelines or criteria. Our goal during bargaining was to have a clearly defined process with explicit timelines and clear responding responsibilities. The process still ends in a grievance procedure if the employee is not satisfied with the results of the reclassification request. The new contract language is as follows:
21.2  Classification and Reclassification Procedure. The following procedure shall apply for new classifications or reclassifications:
         a. An employee desiring a new classification or proposed reclassification must submit his or her request to the employee’s manager with the appropriate documentation (including reclassification request form, old and new position descriptions, and updated resume/application). The manager must respond to the employee in writing within thirty (30) days following submission of the request. 
         b. If the manager denies the request, then the employee may appeal the manager’s decision to the Compensation Division of the Human Resources Department (“HR Compensation”) within thirty (30) days of the denial. If the manager approves the request, then the manager must submit the proposed classification or reclassification request to HR Compensation within thirty (30) days of the approval. In either case, the submission must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation referenced above.
         c. HR Compensation shall respond in writing to the employee and the manager within thirty (30) days after receipt of the request.
         d. If the employee wishes to appeal the decision of HR Compensation, the employee must file a grievance pursuant to Section 24.1.4.a within fourteen (14) days following receipt of the response from HR Compensation. 
Section 24.1.4.a states that grievances involving reclassification appeals are to be submitted to the compensation manager in Human Resources. If you need assistance appealing a reclassification decision from HR, you may contact the union on the eZone or leave a message at (971) 271-7832 and staff will be assigned to help you.

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